System Status: 2016-05-07
Email maintenance from 3am - 6am
Email will be unavailable for short periods during this planned window.

System Status: 2015-04-15
Emergency patching of IIS based servers for a critical bug
Webmail was unavailable for short periods this afternoon.

System Status: 2014-08-12
Not our outage but Canadian ISP Shaw was having problems all day routing traffic, this includes to WCI.
Was mostly resolved by 4pm, related to a BGP table size (512KB) bug in some routers. (too many routes for their older hardware to handle).
WCI was up and serving all other providers all day.
System Status: 2014-08-11
Power failure in the co-location facility resulted in a brief web outage, and an extended mail outage.
No email was lost during this outage. Email was delayed by approximately 4 hours.
System Status: 2014-07-29
The mail server was upgraded to the latest release.
New: webmail look

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